2023 Duck Boats

Since our start in 2011, we have continued to produce industry changing technology.

Through several redesigns and constant evolution, we produce the strongest and best performing aluminum boat on the water.

Featuring the narrowest beam on the market, shallow drafting design, and a rigid build, we truly build a boat for all seasons.

Edge 2023 Duck Boat Line Up

The original Edge Duck Boat. Featuring a corrugated bottom, 8 degree V, and reversed chines, this boat has performance you can count on.

Rigidly built with longitudinal braces and 24 inch sidewalls with safety in mind.

High Performance Surface Drive. Just like the name implies this boat is built for those hard-to-reach places.

Featuring a smooth bottom, 8 degree V, and reversed chines, this hull will run as shallow as your engine is capable while giving you outboard like performance. 

Rigidly built with longitudinal braces and 24 inch sidewalls with safety in mind.

At the very origin of Edge Boats lies the Waco Jon Boat. Over time, the market has changed, and Jon boats have fell to the wayside.

However, there is still a need for a good running flat bottom. We took 60 years of jon boat experience and put it together with the modern advancements of Edge Boats to bring you a shallow drafting, smooth riding, performance flat bottom that will turn like a V hull.

Rigidly built with longitudinal braces and 24 inch sidewalls with safety in mind.

The sportsman series was created with the minimalist in mind.

We wanted to offer a boat that didn’t sacrifice quality but came at a reasonable price for the consumer who doesn’t need anything but the essentials.

Offered in our most popular sizes, the sportsman is configured just one way. It will do everything you have come to expect from an Edge Boat at an economical price tag. 

Our Available Options

We have many great options to offer.


  • High Front Deck Option
  • Seat Bases
  • Rear Deck Lid
  • Non-Skid Superliner Finish
  • Bow Rails Set
  • Seats/Shells
  • Gun Box
  • Guntray w/ Cupholder
  • Trolling Motor Wires/Bracket
  • Cup/Shell Holder
  • Bilge Pump
  • Head Light KIt
  • Recessed Switch Panel/12 Volt
  • Courtesy LED Lights Upgrade
  • Extra Gunnel Rubber

    *More options avaliable then shown

Bushwacker Bow Handle

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LED Light Bar Housing

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Trolling Motor Wires/Bracket

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Front Deck Lid

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Seat Base Options

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Split Front Deck Lids

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Portable Gun Box

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Cup/Shell Holder

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Seat Base Option

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Gun Box/Rod Box

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Cup Holder/Switch Panel

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Cup/Shell Holder

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Recessed Switch Panel/12 Volt

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Seat Base Option

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Seat Base Option

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Seat Base Option

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Rear LED Recessed Lights

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Rear Deck Lid

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Tall Transom

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Bilge Pump
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